Sunday, April 27, 2014

A view on jobs, reality, happiness, and humanity

There are people who work and there are people who don't, excluding those who are still studying. Of course, within those two categories of people classified according to their employment status, several subcategories exist. For example, a person who works belongs to either the subgroup of those who work because they like their job or the subgroup of those who work because they do not have a choice. A person who do not work might be one who chose not to work because there are no job vacancies. Another unemployed person might have been unemployed not because he chose to be, but because he was deemed either underqualified or overqualified for the job he thought would have been perfect for him.

Employed versus Unemployed. It seems that most people have the fixation on attaining the employment status which would lead them to a favorable life and the fixation on looking down on people who do not attain it.

Yes, being employed and getting the opportunity to work for your employer will give you some monthly rewards, which would fill the void of your heart that is longing for fulfillment. You are happy because you are finally using what you have learned in the university or what your supervisor just taught you. You are happy because you can start paying back your parents or relatives who sent you to school and raised you until you become the proper adult you are today. You are happy because you can finally contribute to your nation by appropriately paying taxes. You are happy because you can work your body for hours in return for food you can now afford to eat and for gadgets you can now afford to use leisurely. You are happy because you have that chance of finding your [true love] in the company you are working--and you might start writing a novel about your idealistic love story, no matter how far-off it is from the space-time of reality. 

Being unemployed, on the other hand, gives you all the deadpan and apathetic look on the countless masks of the city. The worse thing is getting shunned by your relatives and friends. You are not happy because you still always rely on your parents for your clothes and food. You are not happy because you think you have less chance of finding your love. You are not happy because a neighbor just called you "lazy ass." You are not happy because your mind gets duller each day for not using what you have learned at school. You are not happy because you do not have the means of saving bulks of money for your future. You are not happy because you do not get to wear that gorgeous and classy suits on. You are not happy because you do not get to travel to many places on your days off, which you do not even have. 

Those two situations described above are the possible extremes that I could think of. Since this world and life do not always fall on either extremes, all points in those situations might not occur all at the same time. They may not be all-positive or all-negative. Therefore, those depictions should not always apply to real life and real-life situations should vary from person to person. 
What I am saying is, an employed person who earns a whopping salary may not be happy in the first place. He might be applying his knowledge on his job, paying back his parents, paying his taxes, eating delicious foods, and finding a woman he adores; but he might not be all that happy. Why? Do not ask me. There are infinite reasons to his unhappiness. Out of courtesy, I'll just mention one possible reason. It might be the feeling of being bound by rules and responsibilities, which could affect the sense of freedom of the individual.
Similarly, an unemployed person who supposedly has no money at his disposal gets to enjoy his everyday life just by staying at home and chitchatting with his parents or relatives who come and visit them. Another unemployed person might also be enjoying his freedom because he can go to conventions and purchase a lot of toys, figures, and books using the money sent to him by his wealthy and prominent parents. Wow. Are all these things equivalent to happiness? Who knows? Happiness is different from person to person, too.

You see, all these "employed" and "unemployed" tags for the adults in our world and in our societies today are just ambiguous. People should not be looking down on others just because the majority is financially superior over the minority. We should not be the ones to judge if a person is living either happily or sadly regardless of their status in the society. We should not give hateful, envious or derogatory remarks to people who are doing too good or doing too bad. We should just extend the help needed by some and give recognition to those who deserve it. We should not dictate what lives others must be living, but we can all live our lives to inspire others to live the life they are truly happy living in. 

Finally, you are free to look up on people who serve as your inspirations, but you must not cause harm or hurt to others by looking down on them just because they are living differently from how you think people should be. 

Let me wrap this up by sharing these lines in one of my favorite songs, Hysteria by nano:

They try to measure the depths of all the scars that we have 
And try to prove to us that life could be so much more 
But if you'd only stop and take a look around 
You'd know we're all the same


  1. Agree! It's really a sad knowing that the world is filled with judgemental and narrow-minded people >.<

    - Lysa

    1. There's no harm for the world to have those people. I mean, in some point or points in his/her life, everyone has been a judgmental person, hasn't he/she?
      Every person has a unique mix of being open-minded and narrow-minded, and there are instances where either of the behaviors are displayed by the person.

      It's just that in this kind of topic, I hope that, at least, the majority of humankind would begin thinking differently, embracing a different view on life-- on people. :)

    2. Thanks for the comment, Missy Muffin!


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